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Ceci n’est pas un swatch. July 27, 2007

Posted by marymac in knitting, Me me me!, yarn.

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(This is not a swatch .)

Neither is this:

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And neither is the blue thing I blogged about in my last post.

I might possibly have a case of Startitis.

(And I bought crochet hooks today. None of these projects are crocheted.)

It’s as if I’ve forgotten that I’m a Wicked Slow Knitter(TM). I blame Ravelry and its easy access to gazillions of patterns. I have a habit (pre-dating Ravelry, even) of browsing patterns online when I’m trying to avoid buying yarn (yes, sometimes this has the opposite effect of the one I intend). Fortunately, I am a Wicked Slow Knitter(TM), so mostly I acquire many patterns that I will never get around to making. (Welcome to Circular Reasoning 101.) It’s not often that being disorganized actually saves you money.



1. Theresa - July 31, 2007

/me runs off to see if Maryann is telling us on ravelry what the projects ARE.

Oh, and also SNORGLE!

2. Theresa - July 31, 2007

Okay, I shall guess green thing is Log Cabin, second thing is Clementine. Did you see the alpaca named Clementine?? DO WANT.

3. roxy - August 1, 2007

We need to sit down and compare WIPs LOL
I have startitis too!

4. ladybean73 - August 5, 2007

LOL that’s hilarious. I know just what you mean, and I’m a faster knitter. You’ll catch up some day. 🙂

5. mtwelovett - August 5, 2007

Can I join the wicked slow knitter(TM) club?? or maybe I’m just a too much going on other places knitter… 😀

6. veritas - August 8, 2007

**hugs MM*

missed you.

7. miko - August 9, 2007

ceci n’est pas un “comment” ecrive avec le iPhone

8. mmstyle/mallory - October 8, 2007

I, too, am a WSK. I laugh at my Ravelry Queue. My stash laughs at me.

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