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Ceci n’est pas un swatch. July 27, 2007

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(This is not a swatch .)

Neither is this:

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And neither is the blue thing I blogged about in my last post.

I might possibly have a case of Startitis.

(And I bought crochet hooks today. None of these projects are crocheted.)

It’s as if I’ve forgotten that I’m a Wicked Slow Knitter(TM). I blame Ravelry and its easy access to gazillions of patterns. I have a habit (pre-dating Ravelry, even) of browsing patterns online when I’m trying to avoid buying yarn (yes, sometimes this has the opposite effect of the one I intend). Fortunately, I am a Wicked Slow Knitter(TM), so mostly I acquire many patterns that I will never get around to making. (Welcome to Circular Reasoning 101.) It’s not often that being disorganized actually saves you money.


This is how it starts. July 21, 2007

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My friends Adam and Clive were in town last week and after a loverly lunch where we finally got a chance to catch up on everything that’s been going on lately, they presented me with a little gift.

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You may recall that Adam and Clive are also the ones who gave me Elvis the Penguin. Sensing a theme?

Here’s why. (I think there are some missing.) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is how crazy packrat people with houses full of tchotchkes get started, isn’t it?

My other friends are getting in the act, too. This was a recent gift from Blondie:

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I couldn’t get a shot where the writing was legible, but it’s all along the lines of “Where are we going? Are we there yet?” chatter. Because they are Chatty Penguins. Very polite Chatty Penguins. They are British, after all.

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Aaaaanyway, this is what I’m up to when I’m not counting penguins.

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Easy-peasy lace, because that’s about all I can handle right now (and even this project could have used a lifeline in it a few repeats ago when I totally screwed up and had to go back ten rows). The photo below is more true to the actual color, but it doesn’t show the stitch pattern very well.

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Why, no, I don’t have my copy of the new Harry Potter book yet. Why do you ask?

Partly Cloudy July 20, 2007

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The weather was still not great this morning so no pictures of anything new, but I do have some I took ages ago.

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And should have posted ages ago.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aren’t they pretty?
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Many (belated) thanks to the folks behind these. For everything.

Habeas Corpus July 18, 2007

Posted by marymac in charity, not me (OMG!).
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Ed. Note: I have been AWOL because Life has been kicking my butt (and other parts) lately. This post is unrelated to what’s causing the butt-kicking, just to make that clear from the beginning.

I’ve been known to run for a bus occasionally (though to be honest, I live in an area where the buses run quite frequently, so unless there’s a dire reason to catch that particular bus, another will be along in ten minutes, so where’s the fire, gotta-run-for-the-bus person?).

And I may have run across an airport once or twice in order to make a flight, but those don’t come along every ten minutes. Also, it was more like a trot.

And it’s been a while since this has come up in any context, but I suppose I’d run if someone was chasing me.

I do, however, know people who do the athletic version of running. My friend Melissa*, for example, took up running a few years ago and has since run two marathons. Two. Marathons. I get tired just thinking about marathons (except for the carb-loading part — I can totally get behind that step of the marathon process).

Anyway, what happened was that she ran the first one and then insisted to everyone that she’d met her goal of running a marathon and didn’t think she needed to do it again. And then a year or so later she ran the second one.** I’m not sure that anyone was surprised.

Now she’s decided to take it up a notch, and is training for a triathlon (that’s when you swim and then run and then ride a bike and it’s a race, for anyone who’s not up on these technical terms). And because she’s not only more of an athlete than I am but a mensch in general, she’s doing it for charity. So I’m taking this opportunity to boost my karma by pimping her charity stuff for her. (I won’t be able to be there to help with the carb-loading this time.)

I’ll let her explain the deal in her own words:

I am training with Team in Training, an arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. More than 115,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer every year. Two of my grandparents had blood cancers, and you may know someone with one as well. As of 2006, more than 785,000 people in the U.S. were living with a blood cancer, and someone dies from a blood cancer approximately every 10 minutes. The mortality rate has actually improved over the past 10 years — in large part because of the research of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (which addresses all blood diseases, of which leukemia and lymphoma are the two most common). And they want to make the prevalence and mortality rates even lower.

So here’s where you come in. I will swim, run and ride with and for people with blood cancers, but I need to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to do so — $3200 to be exact (although, really, the more the better).

Please go to this link and make a donation:

It is quick, easy, secure, and completely tax deductible. You will receive email confirmation of your donation right away. I will also be notified of your donation — and will thank you as well (and update you on my training and such, unless you don’t want me to) . If you work somewhere that provides matching grants for your charitable donations, please let me know and I will help with any needed paperwork. If you don’t like to make donations on-line, let me know and I’ll send you a donation form with an envelope in which you can mail a check.

So there you have it. I know people get these requests all the time and no one is under any obligation to help out — no one will be checking to see if any of my four or five readers contributes, I promise. But it’s a great cause, and having known Melissa for nearly 20 years I can vouch for her 100%.***

And now a small reward for those who hate how I’m all talky all the time and don’t post enough yarn pr0n.

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Handspun from a prizewinning spinner!

There may be more knitting content soon, if the sun decides to come out this week. Hell, there may be more content content soon — you never know!

*Who goes by several names around here, but for now we’ll use this one.

**I came along for the carb-loading for the second one. I am nothing if not supportive.

***And no, she won’t tell you any of my secrets. Hence, the vouching.