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Would you believe….no. May 17, 2007

Posted by marymac in I'm so deep, Me me me!.

So, there were lots of interesting guesses regarding my last post.


Not what I was looking for. I seem to have out-clevered myself (this happens sometimes) and led you all astray. This is probably a sign that I shouldn’t do contests. Or I should only do them when I know what the prize is. Or when I’ve put more than thirty seconds of “hey, that would be funny” thought into the answer.

Officially, however, you were ALL right and blew the curve and I am so unprepared for your brilliance that all I can give you is my undying love and affection. Congratulations!

Aaaaanyway, as I mentioned in my last post, a couple of months ago (before I turned into a big bad-contesty liar) I had a thing and people decided to send me stuff. First came a box all the way from my beloved Theresa in Norway.

I’m not sure why Theresa even talks to me, exactly, because I am a Big Meanie, and she is the direct opposite. You know in those cartoons where the kind, gentle girl is followed around by happy woodland creatures? Well, I have it on good authority that this portrait of Theresa is quite accurate:

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Theresa doesn’t wait for shearing — she negotiates the wool from the goats. It’s FABELAKTIG.

Also fabelaktig…the stuff in the box from Theresa.

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First up, a lovely card with lovely Norwegian sheep on it.

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Next, a box.
A LUNCH box.
A Norwegian one.
I love boxes. (I’m serious — containers are fun.)

And I really love boxes that have more stuff in them.

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Seigmenn are little gummy people. And you can bite their heads off. Not that I do that kind of thing. (yum yum yum).

And then….and then….there were these:

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Okay, that’s just one, but I promise she sent both mittens. Those are the Hermione Mittens.

Bobbles, anyone? (I am actually kind of creeped out by bobbles, but Theresa’s are quite tasteful, don’t you think?)

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I would have posted sooner, but… May 8, 2007

Posted by marymac in Excuses for not posting.

…my parents sent me and my siblings off to stay with this Professer dude and I got stuck in an armoire with some happy woodland creatures….

No? Would you believe…I was minding my own business in my tiny bedroom under the stairs when an owl arrived…?

How about a wicked witch with some bright red shoes? Would you believe a wicked witch?*

Well, clearly I need to read more non-fiction. And maybe less 900-page novels. (It’s an excellent book; just know that if you get your copy from the library you will be reading nothing else for quite a while if you want to finish it without accruing a ginormous fine.)

Anyway, I promised my dear LauraLauraLaura more pink, so here we have my Big Pink scarf. This is made out of the Blue Sky Alpaca that my co-worker gifted me with a while back and I couldn’t figure out what else to do with. (My apologies to anyone who hoped I’d end up sending it to them. I needed a new scarf.)

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My one teeny-tiny problem with making things like the Big Pink Scarf, however? Well, maybe this will give you an idea:

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GREAT BIG KNITTING NEEDLES…teeny little girly hands. Ow.

But I was strong. I persevered. My neck was cold.

(Bear with me on the winterwear — did I mention the owl and the armoire?)

Meanwhile, this is one of the superseekrid projects I was working on and much more in my physical range:

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A couple of months ago a friend of mine did a very brave thing. I won’t get into the details here because it’s not my story, but suffice it to say that it was a Very Big Deal and she kicked ass and took names and all is very well right now. Well, she’s a big Firefly fan, so I made her a Jayne hat to recognize her heroism (also, there’s no knitwear associated with Captain Tightpants, so there you go). And if much of that paragraph means nothing to you, go forth and watch, my pretties.

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Isn’t it fabulously unattractive? That’s part of its charm. (Oh, and the lovely Pam came up with this particular version of the pattern, but you should not hold the fabulous unattractiveness against her. She did a great job of reverse-engineering.)

That’s all for now, my pretties — next time I’ll tell you all about how people sent me stuff for no particular reason recently and show it to you. I think there’s a camera somewhere in this armoire.

*If you know what tv show I’m referencing here and tell me in the comments and are the first one to do so I will send you something nice.** Well, something that I’ll pretend I think is nice and you’ll pretend to also think it’s nice in order to be polite but secretly you’ll talk about my bad taste behind my back. And call me paranoid.

**”Something nice” will probably be yarn but there used to be some non-knitters who read this blog (though I think perhaps I’ve driven them away with all the yarny posts) and I’m trying to be inclusive n’ stuff.***

***Inclusive N’ Stuff would be a good name for a store, but I don’t know exactly what you’d sell there. Maybe it would be a better name for, like, a community center or something.