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The Knittyheads Take WEBS. October 25, 2006

Posted by marymac in knitting, WEBS.

As I may have mentioned here before, I live in Greater WEBSville (pop. all the fiberfreaks fit to knit (crochet, weave, spin, etc.)). So when through the magic of the interweb a plan was hatched for Deb to come up from Debland for a (much too short) visit, complete with trip to WEBS, I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you could say …erm… “Two Weeks in a Row at WEBS.”

I was not the only one. They came from all over.*

When I arrived at the store (a little late, but hey, the post office closes early on Saturdays), I made my way to where all the chatter was coming from — The Warehouse.

l-r, that’s The Debness Herself, Bitterknitter and her camera, Theherocomplex (hiding behind Bluepeninsula), Periwinklepoodle, and the back of Bryghtrose‘s head. (As always, clicking will bring bigging.)

Leaving Deb to wander the warehouse, some of us made our way back to the main part of the store and did some browsing.

l-r, the backs of Ariel‘s and Bryghtrose’s heads, Theherocomplex not behind anybody, Enallagma9, and I think that’s Bluepeninsula’s hand fondling the yarn over on the right.

That’s Ariel in her cat ears (Ariel hasn’t spent enough time in Northampton to realize that cat ears are nothing — last year there was this person who was always riding a bicycle around town in what appeared to be a polar bear suit. And then there was the guy dressed as a lobster….), surrounded by the back of Sunidesus‘ head, the back of Enallagma9’s head (are we sensing a theme yet?), a teeny bit of Bluepeninsula, Lindydiva in her beret, and I think that’s a teeny bit of Periwinklepoodle over on the left.

Yes, I could crop, but then you wouldn’t see the store, right? That’s Bluepeninsula, the front of Bryghtrose’s head(!), Ariel and the ears, and Lindydiva’s back. Note the size of Lindydiva’s shopping basket.

Now note the size of Deb’s shopping basket.

On the left is the lovely Rae, who hatched this scheme with Deb in the first place and I don’t know why there aren’t more pictures of her. I think she was hiding.

But it’s not over yet.

First we have Deb doing some more filling of her shopping basket….

…and then talking on the phone. Oh, but this is no ordinary phone call — someone may have decided to call Monkee so she could share in the fun. Wave to my phone, kittens. (Yes, we caused a big line at the cash register. No, the woman behind Deb isn’t pleased.)

We did all emerge triumphant eventually. Even Deb**.

Sometimes the paparazzi just won’t leave a girl alone.

*This is a lie. They didn’t come from Norway or New York or Texas or North Carolina. We weep, we wail and gnash our teeth, we pine.

(Okay, in this case I believe we are mostly maple-ing, but you get the idea.)

**Click the link for action shots.



1. ladybean73 - October 25, 2006

Woohooo WEBS. I know you all had a banging time there! And I’m still cracking up at Deb with her bags.. That’s a haul and a half! Hey, where are YOU in all of these pics?? it wasn’t like they were gonna run off with your camera!! 😉

2. oldladypenpal - October 25, 2006

Aw! That looks like so much fun. That place is HUMONGOUS!
I sure hope you saved $8967954876.37 so you could buy some yarn from ME!

3. Cathy - October 25, 2006

Thanks to you the back of my head is now famous all over knit-blogger-ville 🙂 It was great to meet you. Definitely need to do it again, and this time just stay in Northampton for the day.

4. mtwelovett - October 26, 2006

But… where’s the back of your head MM 😉 ????

5. your #21 fan - October 27, 2006


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