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Underwire, Part II October 18, 2006

Posted by marymac in activism, knitting, WEBS.

So my last post went over like a lead balloon. Either that or everyone has forgotten that I’m here. Everyone but Laura, of course, who being all science-y and whatnot was so fascinated by my lead balloon-ness that she even commented. Or maybe that was just for Barbie.

Well, I am unoffended. I am undeterred. I am unable to shut up. (But I have pictures. You love pictures, right?)

Anyway, as I was saying last time, giving of yourself is a good thing and blah blah blah high-horsecakes. So a couple of weeks ago (yup, we’re back in the Wayback Machine again — fasten your seatbelt, Sherman*) when I stopped in at WEBS, which happens to be one of my local yarn stores (and the one that gets most of my yarn money), and was reminded of their “Knit For Hope”, I decided to go.

Knit for Hope is an annual WEBS event — they provide yarn, patterns and yummy treats (and lots of coffee), and knitters show up and make scarves and chemo caps for a local organization that provides support services for cancer survivors. You’ll have to take my word for the fact that I started a scarf at the knit-in and managed to finish it in time to drop it off in the collection basket the following Saturday (more on the following Saturday soon, if you’re not tired of hearing about it from everyone else) despite my Wicked Slow Knitterness, because dark purple yarn + 1×1 ribbing + indoor photography + nighttime = photos of a purple fuzzy blob.

I do have photos of the event, however…. (click for big)

Happy, happy knitters! I don’t know why everyone looks so solemn, but I promise that I did have their permission to take the photos and post them here. Except for the guy by the food table. The weird black slash on his right arm is because he had some kind of reflective stuff there or something and I was too lazy to figure out another way to make it less distracting (I think I may have managed to do the opposite, though). Yes, that’s sock yarn. And half of the Wall O’ Needles and Notions.

More happy, happy knitters! The happy knitter on the right is Kirsten, who works in customer service at WEBS but wasn’t working that day except when people kept interrupting her to ask for things or to ask her about the lace shawl pattern she wrote (she’s one of WEBS’ in-house designers, too). She taught the drop spindle class I took at WEBS a while back and is just fabulous, even when she’s pretending that she doesn’t know I’m taking a picture of her. Be nice to Kirsten when you call WEBS, people — customer service is a hard job. Also, yes, that’s the other half of the Wall O’ Needles and Notions.

I didn’t manage to get the photographic evidence, but someone said there were about 50 people at the knit-in. And the following weekend there was certainly a piled-to-the-top basket of completed hats and scarves that people had dropped off.

And to make it all even more exciting, the Monsters of Teen Craft tour was also making an appearance at WEBS that day, so I got to meet Kim Werker and Shannon Okey, who are both incredibly cool and funny and who agreed with me that Ariel wouldn’t complete so many socks if her feet weren’t so teensy.

Kim with Humphrey, the tour mascot. Isn’t he cute? I haven’t crocheted anything but edgings in a while but I totally want to make an amigurumi now because Kim was giving out postcards with patterns for them. (That thing in her other hand is the beginnings of a crocheted chemo cap, in case you’re wondering.)

Kim’s parents, visiting from New York.

After a while, Shannon got out the wheel and gave Kim’s dad a lesson:

She offered to give him a turn, but he said the wheel wasn’t a “power tool” so he just wanted to watch. Shannon tried to convince him that one could motorize a spinning wheel as a do-it-yourself project, but he wasn’t buying it.

Yay for WEBS for hosting such a great event! Yay for Knitters (and Crocheters) for being such cool people!

*I wonder if anyone but Blondie and me gets that reference. I hope so, for it will make me feel less old.



1. Valerie - October 18, 2006

Did you spin? Huh? Huh? Are you addicted yet?

I want to go to Webs. Can I come visit?

This is not a pity comment. And I really meant to comment on your last post. Does it help that I actually want to think about my comments after I read your blog?

2. mtwelovett - October 19, 2006

yes, we watched Bullwinkle and Rocky too… 😉

nice LYS!

3. Laura - October 19, 2006

Sherman reference, check! got that. (though I admit that the name “Sherman” conjures thoughts of Mr. Laura’s childhood pet first, which of course, is all wrong because how could a basset hound fasten a seatbelt?)

Don’t be hurt and offended when people don’t comment. That’s blogging for you.

4. Theresa - October 21, 2006

I should have called.

Who is Sherman?

5. The Knittyheads Take WEBS. « Story Value - October 25, 2006

[…] As I may have mentioned here before, I live in Greater WEBSville (pop. all the fiberfreaks fit to knit (crochet, weave, spin, etc.)). So when through the magic of the interweb a plan was hatched for Deb to come up from Debland for a (much too short) visit, complete with trip to WEBS, I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you could say …erm… “Two Weeks in a Row at WEBS.” […]

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