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So long at the fair. September 28, 2006

Posted by marymac in Blondie and Dagwood, travel.

This weekend Blondie ditched Dagwood and Max back at the ranch and headed out to my neck of the woods so we could go to The Big E. I know it sounds like a euphemism for something dirty, but The Big E is actually short for The New England States Exposition, which is basically a state fair for all six New England states.

Yes, all six. They’re small (take two). Some of us like our small, traversable-in-a-couple-of-hours states.

I love The Big E, and lots of people agree with me.

  Like these people.

This is around 11:AM. The gates opened at 10. It took me about two hours to make what’s usually a 40-minute trip because I spent most of it sitting in this traffic.

With this scary truck trying to defy the laws of physics (there’s a law against two things occupying the same space at the same time, right?) inches from my bumper for a very, very long time.

Of course, once you get inside, the fabulousness of The Big E takes over and you forget that it took you two hours to get there. And then you had to find parking, because the official lots are always full. And then you had to walk from wherever you found parking where they weren’t charging a gazillion dollars for it. Then you’re distracted because you’re hungry and forget all about the traffic trauma whilst making your way to the one sit-down restauranty-type place at the fair because you want real food (as opposed to food of the carnival variety, that is — that’s later).

  We went outside the restaurant to wait for our table (historical building = not a lot of room for milling around waiting for tables) and saw these guys: Nuttin But Stringz — brothers from NYC who started out playing their violins (yup, violins) in the subways and are now touring and putting out albums and playing wicked cool music. I saw them on one of the late-night talk shows a while back, so it was fun to see a few minutes of them live.

After lunch, we decided to hit the livestock areas. Because what goes better on a full stomach than the lovely aromas of cows and sheep?

   One sheep.

   Two sheep.

   Three sheep. (Lousy picture, cool shirt.)

The cows weren’t ready for their closeups.

Blondie was remarkably tolerant of my need to examine everything wool-related, including the Fiber Barn (no pictures of the Fiber Barn — the lighting was kind of crappy in this building, in case you couldn’t tell by sheep shirt guy). She even bought a little felted bag in the Fiber Barn. I offered to teach her to knit one just like it, but couldn’t hear her answer over all the laughing.

After we were livestocked out, we headed for The Avenue of States. This is my favorite part of the fair — replicas of the statehouses where you can find tourism information (and free maps & magnets & stuff) and products made in that state. So I had Del’s Lemonade in Rhode Island and maple cotton candy in New Hampshire.

And then there’s Vermont. Once and future home of Ben & Jerry’s and a certain Rodent.

Happy birthday, Monkee!

Maybe one of these would be preferable?

  Alpaca alpaca duck.

We had a great time, and were totally exhausted by the end of the day. (And I, for one, was a little sticky — how is it that going to the fair always makes one a little sticky?) ( Maybe that’s too much information.) All in all a most successful Big E. Thanks, Blondie, for being such a willing victim companion.



1. Valerie - September 28, 2006

This post made me really, really excited for Rhinebeck! Woo hoo!

Where are the llamas? Doesn’t New England have any llamas?

2. ladybean73 - September 28, 2006

Woohooo The Big E sounds like a ball(no pun intended) of fun! That’s a GUY wearing that shirt??? :)) And POO on the @#$#@4tard who rode your tail. Someone should strap that fool to the grille of his truck and smack him with a gas hose.

The Alapaca are prettyyyyyy.. Now I can’t wait for Rhinebeck either!

3. Laura - September 28, 2006

Monkee is moving BACK to Vermont?

I love New England. I want to go back.

4. your #21 fan - September 28, 2006


5. Karen - September 28, 2006

Alpacas! Rhinebeck! Alpacas! Alpacas!

Boo to big trucks!

6. Theresa - September 29, 2006

See now, I want to GO TO THESE PLACES WITH MARYANN. *sniff*

*SNIFF* and also *snorgle* 🙂

7. shonze (Shona) - September 30, 2006

Sounds like you had fun, fun,and even more fun!

8. mtwelovett - October 6, 2006

pretty sheepie… I wnated red sheep blue sheep though 😉

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