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Ten Minutes in My Head September 19, 2006

Posted by marymac in I'm so deep, knitting.

In case anyone is wondering how the penguin naming is going, I’m kind of leaning towards “Elvis the Penguin” because it’s just random enough to make me laugh. And it makes me think of Alice the Camel*. Boom boom boom.

Elvis is currently riding around in my knitting bag for no particular reason other than that’s where he ended up when I was bringing him home from Boston. He’s keeping Starsky company.

The back of Starsky as of Sunday afternoon.

I’ve gotten through another pattern repeat since I took that photo, but I was too lazy to take another picture (also, it got dark — funny how that happens in the evening). Pretend that piece is about 3 inches longer, if you don’t mind. I wasn’t excited about the Banana Tree cable pattern in the photos of the sweater, but it’s fun to knit (yes, I’m one of those freaks who likes knitting cables).

Every time I hear something about that Last Kiss movie, I get the song One Last Kiss stuck in my head. This is normal, right? How about if you were in Bye Bye Birdie in high school? Normal then? How about if you’re listening to part of the soundtrack as you blog?

Never mind.

Max says your ten minutes are up.

*Except those lyrics are wrong, because the last line is just “Because she’s a horse” — I am shocked that there is incorrect information on the interweb. Shocked!



1. Theresa - September 19, 2006

How deprived (depraved?) am I that I’ve never heard of Alice the Camel??

2. Theresa - September 19, 2006

And Max’s eyes glowing like that are SCARY. Hold me.

3. Laura - September 19, 2006

One last kiss! oh give me one last kiss! It never felt like this…

Whenever I see the previews for that moving I start singing that song. And I was just in the pit orchestra.

The freaks are those who DON’T like knitting cables. Cables are the best. More cables, please!

4. helen - September 19, 2006

yes Laura. yay cables! freaks do not knit cables!

5. Blondie - September 19, 2006

Yeah, Max was looking scary. And he was sort of doing his Billy Idol impression.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve heard of Alice the Camel either. But she sounds a little confused. Must’ve been the magic mushrooms…

6. veritas - September 20, 2006

::blows kisses:: that is one addooorrrrable puppy you got there, my dear MM.

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