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Continued Hiatus September 7, 2006

Posted by marymac in Excuses for not posting.

So….my phone line at home isn’t working (honestly, if this stuff wasn’t happening to me, I wouldn’t believe it either). And working at Acme University means that things are very busy at the office right now. This means no real update until Saturday at the earliest.

But just imagine how exciting it will be around here then! (It won’t; I’m totally lying. Isn’t anticipation fun, though?)

In the meantime, I’m sure I can find something that will keep you entertained….

Um… Snood? Blogroll? Spam the phone company for me? (Okay, don’t do the last one — I want them to actually show up. On Saturday. Three days after I first called to complain about the whole no dial tone thing. Phooey.)



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