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The Road’s My Middle Name August 20, 2006

Posted by marymac in Me me me!, travel.

I was going to be all deep and display my varied interests which I am so allowed to have, you’re not the boss of me neener neener neener, but I got tired and didn’t write the thing I was going to write that would have accomplished this. Follow-through is hard!

So what I was going to talk about was a book. A good book, actually — you should read it. Assuming I ever get around to telling you about it. Instead, I’m going to tell you about driving.

I love driving. Before I learned to drive, I was mostly terrified of doing it, but back then I was mostly terrified of everything. I took drivers’ ed in high school and barely got through after swearing on my (very, very scary) instructor’s life that I’d do some more practicing with my parents before I took the test. What with one thing and another, though (mostly the fact that my parents hated having to take me out for driving practice with the passionate heat of a thousand burning suns), and the kindness of strange friends (it helped that I lived closest to the mall), I didn’t actually get my license until I was almost 22 years old.

And then I immediately began driving myself everywhere. All the time. Alone. I got flat tires, I left my lights on, I even got into a serious (for the car) accident. I took jobs that had long commutes (a night job in a warehouse) or where I had to drive from one client’s house to the next (I did home health care — get your minds out of the gutter). And it turned out that that one serious for the car (and early in my driving career) accident aside, this driving thing was pretty cool.

But I haven’t taken a “real” road trip in a few years, and it’s making me antsy. About four years ago I accompanied a friend who was moving across the country (we took her car and I flew home), and then a year later I drove halfway across the country with a different friend who was going home for a while before doing some other travelling on her own. Both trips were around this time of year, and now I seem to get that itch to hit the road right around the time when vacations are supposed to be over and school is about to start and my office at Acme University is going to be very busy… erm… counting things. (It is so an important job — how would you know how many things there were without counting them? Shut up.)

So the road and I have had to do some renegotiating in order to keep me from hopping in the car on the spur of the moment and driving to, oh, Texas or something. So far, our deals include Labor Day weekend in Boston, Some Other Weekend in September in New Yawk City with the Knitting Posse, and a possible trip “Upstate” (New York, that is) for some big ‘ol fiber festival thing, assuming I have any spare change at that point for festing fiber. Oh, and I suppose I have to go see The Family in Connecticut at some point in there, but it’s not quite the same thing.

Vroom. Vroom.
(Okay, the title of this post is a total lie. I don’t have a middle name.)

Hey, baby, wanna go for a drive?



1. helen - August 20, 2006

whoah, barbie. we are SO alike, teehee. did you wanna hear that?

i took driver’s ed in high school, too. but i didn’t want to drive with my parents. had these strange self-conscious ideas of people watching me and critiquing me, yadda yadda. so i never drove. work was close, my parents drove me, or i could bike it if need be. they complained over and over, but then i started dating Matt when i was 17 and he drove everywhere. til he got freakin tired of it. and so he forced me to get my license when i was 20. dumbest thing i’ve ever done in my life…he took me practice driving when i had no license or permit. erm, oops? but i passed my tests and had my license..and still i didn’t drive for five more months after i had it. then i had to go get a new one cuz i turned 21. argh.

but now i love driving. drive my friends places, LOVE the tollway/expressway, oh YES. 70 all the way….

erm, i just blogged in your comments….

2. Laura - August 20, 2006

Texas! Come to Texas! I have a yarn room that you can stay in. (For nonknitters that room is called a guest room but it contains yarn more than it contains guests, so it’s a yarn room!)

your middle name is “Doll” 😀

3. Valerie - August 20, 2006

Laura, she’s coming to sleep on my yarn bed! Neener neener!

Can we hear about the book? 🙂

4. marymac - August 20, 2006

Helen, get your own blog. 😛

5. ladybean73 - August 20, 2006

Since Helen already took over, I think I’ll just add, that I too, love to drive! One of these days I’m gonna get back to owning a car… And um.. What book are we talkin about?? 🙂

6. Theresa - August 20, 2006

/me dies and goes to heaven with the Barbie blogging.

7. cooknknit - August 20, 2006

I didn’t get my license til I was 25. And then I got pregnant and the man wouldn’t let me drive. So I didn’t start driving seriously til I was 27 or so…

Book? I’d like book recommendations please. I’m aiming for 100 books read this year. I’m on book #52….

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