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Don’t make me turn this thing around. August 18, 2006

Posted by marymac in knitting, Me me me!.

Now that everyone who’s visited so far has finished looking for their names on the blogroll, perhaps we can move on. (This is not a popularity contest, kittens. And for the record, all of the blogs I visit aren’t even on the blogroll. Because I thought maybe I should have some content, too.)

Content, right…. Well, if you have peeked at the blogroll (How many times can I write “blogroll” in one post? How many times will I misspell it in the process?), you may have noticed that there are a whole buncha knitting-related-type blogs there. Yes, I’m a knitter. Yes, I’ve started a blog. But I’m reluctant to call it a “knitting blog” for two reasons: a) I do have other interests, and 2) having a knitting blog implies that one will show off one’s knitting occasionally. As a member of the Wicked Slow Knitters Association, this creates a problem — either I will post so rarely that my guilt-tripped loyal readers have to blow the dust off the blog before they can read it, or all of my progress posts will look and sound very much alike.

A short demonstration:

Doublewide Starsky Swatch Swatch, day one (click for big). (Actually, about day 4, but that was because at first I was only working on it for a couple minutes at a time. Yes, it is very wide. Yes, it has a bump in it — that’s where I changed needle sizes. Yes, I love my Denises.)

Doublewide Doublelong Starsky Swatch Same swatch, next day (click for big). (Yes, it’s blurry, because I am a bad photographer and I didn’t feel like GIMP-ing it just to compare widths — I promise to say ten Hail Mapplethorpes if you’ll forgive me.)

It’s like a stop-motion movie of someone knitting. You could make a flip-book on the knitting of my swatch. Yeah, I think I’ll be talking about other stuff here, too.

(A word on the yarn, because I know there will be questions. It’s KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Bordeaux. It’s very soft and has a nice drape — the gauge is a little smaller than what’s called for in Starsky, but the sweater is supposed to have a lot of ease, so I think I can get around that pretty easily by making a different size. I could be here swatching for a while, though, so I’ll have to keep you posted.)

room with a view Yeah, now I’m just showing off that I (finally) figured out how to do the clickable thumbnails thing. (Hi! Dorky! Me!) That’s the view from the window above my bed. (I didn’t get the big round hay bales in the shot, though. Next time.)



1. Laura - August 18, 2006

making (or rather swatching for) Starsky? Yay!

It’s on my soon-ish list of things to do.

2. Valerie - August 18, 2006

I am so shocked that you have interests other than knitting. That isn’t allowed, you know. Unless the other interest is spinning.

3. ladybean73 - August 18, 2006

LOL @Val’s comment… Hey, it’s your blog, write about whatever you feel like writing about.. Now you need to start a webring for knitters who post primarily about OTHER stuff. I bet your webring would have more members than all the knitting-only or knitting-mostly rings combined! No joke. I love the title of this post, btw.. Sounds like me and the kids on a car trip to Philly 4 years ago..

4. helen - August 19, 2006


why did no one tell me you were here?

and where’s MY name on the blogroll?

5. your #21 fan - August 19, 2006

*pats Helen on the head*

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