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And So It Begins…. August 15, 2006

Posted by marymac in Me me me!.

It seems to me that there are two ways to do this first blog post thing. You can spend some time describing yourself and explaining why the hell you decided to write about your sad little life on the interweb, or you can just jump right in as if the only people reading your blog already know you. To be honest, reading blogs that start the latter way always makes me feel like I’m watching the cool kids giggling in the cafeteria. You know how they are, when they start talking in code with all their in jokes and they’ve gotta be talking about you because, dude, it’s high school – what else would they be doing?

So, me. I like to tell stories, and have been pretty much ever since I learned how to write. When I was about six I begged my parents for a typewriter and they bought me a kid-sized one. I asked for the typewriter because I wanted to be a secretary when I grew up*, and the first thing I used it for was to write a story about my friend the kangaroo who hopped the mean boys next door to a cliff and dumped them over**.

Years later, my friend Melissa and I came up with the phrase “story value” in reference to any activity that could just as easily end up a horrible, humiliating mess as go well. Even the worst experiences, we reasoned, could provide good story value. We’ve been right, for the most part.

More later, after I find out what the cool kids have been saying about me.

*I thought it would be fun. Guess what I do for a living now.

**Fortunately this was the 70’s, so my parents and teacher just thought it was cute instead of sending me to juvie.



1. your #21 fan - August 17, 2006


2. Laura - August 17, 2006

Comment #2!

I love Barbie!

3. bajada - August 17, 2006

I love Barbie too! But I’m not one of the cool kids.

4. cooknknit - August 17, 2006

Yay! A blog! But I’m not one of the cool kids either.

5. ladybean73 - August 18, 2006

Finally You’ve joined the blogging masses. You won’t regret it. I hope. I love it already!!

6. your #21 fan - August 19, 2006


7. glittrgirl - August 20, 2006

I knew you would give in eventually and get one. Heh. Welcome to the blogiverse…..

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